Fusepool P3 Platform

Welcome to the Fusepool P3 Platform!

Apologize, this dashboard is still under development... But in the meantime you can directly access a simple GUI to interact with the platform; or directly access the backend admin ui, which includes LDP, SPARQL LDPath, etc.

About Fusepool P3

The goal is to make publishing and reuse of linked data as easy as possible for end user and data developers based on a thriving market economy with data publishers, developers, and consumers along the value chain.

Making data reusable and interoperable within and outside the organization requires a fundamentally different approach to 'storing' knowledge. "The best name is probably a Logical Data Warehouse...because it focuses on the logic of information ...[for] giving integrated access to all forms of information assets" (Gartner's Mark Beyer). Only with integrated access to the data it's possible to have apps on top of that data that scale across single implementations and provide added value for a wide variety of end user and data developers.